Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hastening the Work of Salvation

Well so much has happened since the start of the year.  I graduated from BYUH on December 15, 2013. After that Josh and I prepared to move out of TVA and that's exactly what we did on December 30th.  Originally my mom had told us about this new house she was in the process of purchasing in Pearl City and told us that the deal would most likely be finalized by the end of December. Well, the end of December came, we stuck to our check out date despite the fact that the house in Pearl City had not been finalized, so we put the majority of our things in the garage of the new house and kept our suitcases of clothes with us at my moms house where we were going to stay just for a week - or so we thought. Meanwhile, I had gotten hired at Mililani Waena Elementary school to teach fifth grade. So while we were staying at my moms house, in a tent, I started my teaching career. That was stressful.  In addition to that, Josh and I had the prompting a month or two before that he needed to quit his job at Turtle Bay. The reason was Josh had been missing a lot of church due to working on Sundays. I felt it was hurting his spirit, but also our marriage because he was always working when I was home from student teaching. We hardly saw each other. It was a good thing we followed that prompting because Josh got an internship for his last semester on the west side and in town and would not have been able to keep his job. He quit before I was offered a full time job so we went off of faith that I would get hired.  When I got offered the job, I was hesitant because it was a co-teaching job.....I had no idea what co-teaching was! But after pondering and praying about it I knew I needed to take that job.  

I was bummed when we got the prompting to move from the beloved North Shore, that totally matched our surfing lifestyle, to Pearl City.
I was bummed when our house was not yet ready for us to move in to and we had to live in a tent for a month.
I was bummed that I took a co-teaching job rather than receiving a traditional teaching job where I get my own class.

But I am here to testify that because all those things happened, I am happier than I would have been if things went the way we had planned it. 

Because we moved to Pearl City, I am close to my job, Josh is close to his internship, we have bonded so much more closely with my family, and we have come in to contact with so many people whom we have helped and shared the gospel with. 

Because our house was not yet ready for us, we saved money on an entire month's rent while  it took a whole month for me to get my first paycheck. 

Because I took a co-teaching job, I am gaining invaluable experience, I have gotten my foot in the door and started my probation to gain tenure with the DOE, and I am able to work full time and allow Josh to fully focus on his education.

And, because of all these things, Josh and I are able to hasten the work of salvation. And it has been beautiful to see everything turn out how The Lord planned it. And we have seen the great blessings of doing so. I am so grateful for this life I get to live with my absolutely wonderful husband.