Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Mangled Mango

So today I found out that I don't know how to cut a mango. Apparently there's a ginormous seed in the middle that I have never known despite my 22+ years of living in a tropical climate where mangoes are in abundance and eaten all the time. Why have I never cut a mango before? This boggled my mind. It all started when I had just finished brushing my teeth this morning and Josh came into the bathroom saying that he didn't know how to cut it. In my mind I was like, it's just a fruit, how hard could it be? So, wanting to be the wonderful wifey to him I offered to cut it. Again, how hard could it be? I grab a knife and start cutting. My knife gets stuck in the middle. Hmm, I thought. Must be frozen in the middle! It had just come out of the fridge and sometimes our fridge freezes things (like my easter egg that froze-splode...that is another story). So I grabbed the butcher knife thinking, this will make things so much easier! Again I attack the mango. Again it defies my knife. So I decided to twist the halves I was able to semi-cut and rip it apart. I go to Josh and say, "Josh, the middle is frozen. Sorry I couldn't cut it." He looks at me, confused at first, then says, " do know mangoes have seeds in the middle right?" And I say, "You mean like an avocado???? WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THAT!!" Naturally, Josh starts cracking up. He even took a VIDEO of it on his iPhone to document it while saying, "Two knives and one mangled mango later, Ari found out she doesn't know how to cut a mango. I love my wife." Normally, if something like this were to happen in the past, I would have felt horrible and started putting myself down for not knowing how to do such a simple task and be the perfect cookie cutter wife who knows how everything in the kitchen is supposed to go down. I am FAR, far, FAR from that. But you know what? This morning, I did not mind. I actually was able to find the humor in the situation! I even surprised myself by saying, "Hah, I'm not even embarrassed!!" And Josh said good, because then I would've had to cheer you up. Isn't it much easier laughing things off? He was right. Today, I really realized how much I have grown as a person since marrying my best friend. I realized how much our love has grown. I realized that nothing we see in society or pop culture defines love. Josh may not get me flowers once a month like the world leads me to believe I should expect from a "perfect" hubby, but he does buy me ice cream to make me happy everytime "that time of the month" comes. He may not write me poems, sing me romantic songs, or cook me a candlelight dinner like they do in the movies, but every time I'm about to have an emotional breakdown when something goes wrong, he laughs. I used to be so confused, but he explained that the face I make right before I cry is so cute, he just has to laugh. How can I not smile as his warm eyes glow with love for me and his laugh melts my heart? It's little blessings like this that make me realize how perfect he is for me. We are coming up on our one year anniversary pretty soon, and honestly, it already feels like we've been married forever. And...I love it.