Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Start of Summer 2013

Winter Semester came and went. It started off really stressful, and towards the end I was totally mentally checked out. The nice thing about Education classes is that they are pretty easy, so I still managed to finish the semester with a 4.0 gpa. That's the first time in my whole life I have EVER gotten a 4.0! I've had 3.5 all the way through 3.9, but never a 4.0 so I am pretty proud of myself! I may be a big procrastinator but I still do quality work. :P

I am also really super super duper proud of my husband for doing really well this semester too! It's wonderful for me to see him so dedicated to working hard in school so that he may provide well for our family in the future! He's already a wonderful provider as it is.

I guess to start off the updates, I will begin with not so good news so that I can end with the good news on a happy note! The first round of Clomid did nothing for me. So I am trying another round this month and we will see how things pan out. I'm not sure if I'm numb, apathetic, plain avoiding thinking about it, or if I've accepted my struggle, but I don't cry as often anymore. In fact, I am having fun and loving my life right now. There's really no reason for me to complain about my life! In the temple yesterday morning I was praying as usual, and I started saying the typical, "Please bless us with this and that..." and then a thought came to me. What can I offer the Lord, rather than asking him to offer me blessings?" So I decided to focus on doing more for others! To serve others with the time and means that I have now before all that time and all my resources will have to be fully dedicated to my children. I will stop asking and start giving. This realization made me feel really good and I felt peace.

Good news: Both Josh and I just landed some pretty awesome jobs! I got hired at Kahuku Grill, and although that may be a minimum wage job I am having so much fun working there and the tips aren't bad either! It's a big improvement from the on-campus job I had. Josh got hired as a Bell man (same job he has at the Outrigger) at Turtle Bay! They gave him full-time hours this week over our break until Summer school starts! These are such huge blessings in our lives and I do not want to seem ungrateful for them, because I recognize that these are direct blessings from the Lord.

I am still going back and forth about student teaching and becoming a teacher in general...but as of now, same as before, I am still on track to complete my student teaching. All I can think about is all the stress and paper work and NO time to do things for myself this Fall (i.e. surfing, and surfing...). People might tease us but surfing is such a huge stress reliever and it brings us such great joy to be able to spend our favorite activities with our most favorite person in the world (each other)! Hopefully I can suck it up this Fall and just deal with the fact that I won't be able to surf everday...ohhhh mannnnnn.

I guess that's it for now. Time to get ready for work! Oh and Happy Summer 2013 woohoo!!!!!