Friday, October 14, 2011

General Conference and Mother Goose

My dad has been in the Hawaii Air National Guard for many years now and serves as a chaplain. Part of his duties includes getting a butt load of General Conference tickets every October, and he can choose to use them if he wants, it's not required. The church sponsors a special conference for LDS Chaplains in Salt Lake City during the same weekend of General Conference for our church. We all thought we wouldn't be able to attend conference anymore last year when my dad announced his intentions to retire, but ended up staying in for one more year. Lucky for us, my mom (who is constantly checking airfares when she feels that urge to travel) found really cheap roundtrip tickets to SLC for only $400 a person! Josh and I thought it would be an opportunity of a lifetime so we bought a pair of tickets for ourselves to have a fun little trip with my family (Mom, Dad, Colby, Alyssa, Nainoa, Alena Cutie Cutes) and to visit my old room mates from Liberty Square, attend Josh's mission reunion, AND visit/hang out with/take Robert Beck and his girlfriend Sarah with us to conference. We were only there from Friday morning until Monday evening but we had a blast! Josh was so happy to see his mission buddies, and to skate with one of his best friends. I enjoyed finally getting to go to live conference sessions with Josh. And we had some pretty funny/loud car rides when we all squished in the mini-van. Anyone who is close with the McMillan family knows that Colby likes two things: his movies, and his music that he gets from those movies.

Colby's current video obsession is Barney. I keep telling him that Barney is for "bee-bees" but he insists on recording the songs on his phone and replaying them and singing along at the top of his lungs. For those who don't know Colby, he is my 22 year old down syndrome brother. His obsession song from Barney is, unfortunately, Mother Goose. (Click on the link for a youtube video of the song he sings.) There was this one car ride where we didn't all fit in the van my parents rented so Colby volunteered to ride in the trunk. Josh ("Rob Shneider"), of course, couldn't resist jumping in with his buddy.

He played and sang this song the whole time, and it sounded more like:
Oh I'm mada goose, and I'm hea to say
Dat I like to speak in mimes
I been a-wound fo many many year
And a me-me-me-me-me long time

My dad jokingly yelled, "Somebody shoot that cow!" And Colby went, "I'm not cow I'm mada goose!" To which we all started laughing. That pretty much made my day.

It would take forever to blog about everything we did but the main thing is we had so much fun even though we were over a thousand dollars poorer by the end of it. It was definitely a good investment. :)